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November, 2017
In the pond of Salea (Albenga) three hatched nests have been found. This is the first known reproduction event of the terrapins released during the project.

30th June 2016
The Lifemys project is finished.
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The recent Italian IUCN Red book (issued December 2013) has inserted  Emys as an endangered species

The monitoring of the Emys orbicularis population of in the plain of Albenga (SV) is started. The use of bartevelli (traps used in shallow freshwaters, see picture) has allowed us to capture the first 5 specimens of 2014. The purpose of monitoring is to estimate the current abundance of the population and evaluate the survival rate of individuals born at the Center Emys and released into nature.

In April the first meeting with the volunteers, who will catch the alien terrapins, will be held at the of Monte Marcello Magra Park.

On 8th of April it will be held the first focus group with the stakeholders.


Emys orbicularis

30th June 2016 The Lifemys project is finished

The Project contribution to Natura 2000 is:

The project was successful and reached all of its main goals, within the framework of the Habitats Directive and in particular of Natura 2000 network. In fact, both terrestrial and aquatic habitats of the endangered European pond turtle Emys orbiculari ingauna endemic to Liguria were improved. Almost 200 captive bred young turtles were released in the managed sites after veterinary screening, almost doubling the population in the wild. More than 100 alien terrapins were removed from the sites where Emys is still present, reducing competition and the possibility of parasite transmission. The outdoor breeding facility “Centro Emys” was implemented to increase the successful reproduction of Emys in captivity. All these results will assure the long-term maintenance of a viable Emys orbicularis population in Liguria.
Moreover, about 480 alien terrapins were removed also from the river Magra in the Montemarcello-Magra-Vara natural park, restoring habitat quality for the many protected fish species listed in Annex II of the Directive found in this ecosystem.
Finally, the dissemination activities concerning the mass removal of alien terrapins raised public awareness on the impact of alien species on ecosystems,and will contribute to the application the recent EU Regulation 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species.

Ligurian wetlands
Emys orbicularis ingauna Conservation Program

The survival of the Emys orbicularis ingauna tortle, is menaced by the introduction of alien species, as the North american terrapins and terrapins, habitat alteration and unregulated human activities (vehicles transit, dogs, garbage disposal,…).

Main goal

Conservation of the Emys orbicularis ingauna within two Ligurian areas, by eradication of the alien terrapins, habitat restoration and re-population.

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Consult the data about observations and project monitoring

Information concerning the observations and the monitoring carried out during the project LIFEEMYS is available in the Regional Data Bank managed by Arpal: Osservatorio Ligure della Biodiveristà (Li.Bi.Oss.).

The consultation of the database via this service is free and full of all the validated data contained in the Observatory, except for some species including Emys orbicularis and some "sensitive" information that are accessible through an authorized access following a reasoned request.

The data regarding 9 taxa of non-native turtles (Graptemys khoni, Graptemys pseudogeographica, Mauremys leprosa, Mauremys sinensis, Pseudemys concinna, Trachemys scripta, Trachemys scripta elegans, Trachemys scripta scripta, Trachemys scripta troostii), surveyed during the LIFE project Emys are open to public inspection without any limitation.