• 30th June 2016
    The Lifemys project is finished The Project contribution to Natura 2000 is: The project was successful and reached all of its main goals, within the framework of the Habitats Directive and in particular of Natura 2000 network. In fact, both terrestrial and aquatic habitats of the endangered European pond turtle Emys orbiculari ingauna endemic to Liguria were improved. Almost 200 captive bred young turtles were released in the managed sites after veterinary screening, almost doubling the population in the wild. More than 100 alien terrapins were removed from the sites where Emys is still present, reducing competition and the possibility of parasite transmission. The outdoor breeding facility “Centro Emys” was implemented to increase the successful reproduction of Emys in captivity. All these results will assure the long-term maintenance of a viable Emys orbicularis population in Liguria. Moreover, about 480 alien terrapins were removed also from the river Magra in the Montemarcello-Magra-Vara natural park, restoring habitat quality for the many protected fish species listed in Annex II of the Directive found in this ecosystem. Finally, the dissemination activities concerning the mass removal of alien terrapins raised public awareness on the impact of alien species on ecosystems,and will contribute to the application the recent EU Regulation 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species.
  • 19 March
    13 small Emys orbicularis ingauna, just shelled from the eggs, were found at Centro Emys of Leca di Albenga.
    emys cuccioli


  • 2th5 September
    The removal activities of allochtonous freshwater chelonians is finished in this year. In total, during the two years we reached 522 catches: 110 animals in Albenga and 412 in Sarzana.
  • 18th Aoust
    Two terrapins of Emys orbicularis ingauna species are just born at Emys center of Leca d'Albenga. An exceptional event due to the particularly warm temperatures this summer.
    rilascio 18 agosto

    rilascio 18 agosto

  • 2 luglio
    50 terrapins Emys orbicularis ingauna have been released into their natural habitat.
    Rilascio piana Albenga

    Rilascio piana Albenga

    Verifica michrochip

  • 2015

    • 7th April
      The removal of allochtonous turtles has restarted. The first specimen of Trachemys scripta elegans has been captured in Albenga.

    • 23 march
      Two newborned Emys was borned todays.

    • March
      Newborns at the Centro EMYS.
      During an inspection at the Centro EMYS of Lecca di Albenga (SV), personnel from the Acquario di Genova, Cesbin, and from the University, found a newborn of Emys orbicularis ingauna weighing 4gr. As every season, towards the end of the winter and beginning of spring, the eggs laid at the end of the previous summer by the adults at the Centro EMYS ached. These newborns add to the young Emys borne during the autumn in 2014. Under the constant veterinary control, these tiny tortoises, in 3-4 years, will be ready to be released into the wild.

    • January
      First outcomes of the LYFE EMYS project.
      At the end of the 2014 field season, the first outcomes of the release program for the Emys in the designated sites of the Provincia di Savona and of the alien species capture of Savona and Spezia. So far, since the beginning of the LIFE EMYS project, 100 terrapins have been released. These animals were borned at the Centro EMYS of Lecca di Albenga, and grew in the dedicated area at the Acquario di Genova.
      All animals went through a detailed veterinary exam, including the placement of a microchip. More than 30% of the released animals (Emys), were re-captured using creels at the release sites; while 9 of the 10 Emys carrying a radio-transmitter were spot in the original release site.
      As for the alien tortoises, in 2014, 176 animals were removed. These animals included: Trachemys scripta, Graptemys pseudogeographica e Pseudemys concinna. All the alien tortoises went through a veterinary control, and moved to the Zoo di Pistoia, where there is a dedicated exhibit.


  • September 30th, 2014. During the month of September 123 alien animals were captured nearby Spezia, and 49 form Savona.

  • September 30th, 2014. Pink bow at the EMYS Center of Lecca di ALbenga: 2 newborns of Emys were seeing just when they were hatching from the eggs laid in summer 2014. They are as big as a 20 cents coin and weigh just 4gr.
    Emys orbicularis baby.

  • September 10th, 2014. 32 teachers form the kindergarten and primary school, attended to a continuing . Education course at the Zoo di Pistoia.

  • September 6th, 2014. 10 volunteers cleaned up and pulled the weeds from the Neva-Arroscia pond. Before cleaning.

    After cleaning.

  • July 14th, 2014. The first resight of the released animal took place: all the 10 terrapins carrying a radio-transmitter were still there.
  • LIFE EMYS Project: release into the wild of Emys terrapins.
  • July 9th, 2014. 40 emys orbicularis ingauna were released in the sites where the alien species were removed
  • June 2014 Educational activities with the schools began at the Zoo di Pistoia.
  • June 3rd, 2014. The second focus groups with the stakeholders took place.
  • Volunteers meeting: on April 9th 2014 the first volunteers meeting took place on the alien species captures.
  • April 2014: 40 tiny Emys were borne at the Centro Emys of Albenga, form eggs laid during the summer of 2013.


  • April 2013. On April 8th will take place the first focus group with the stakeholders.
  • April 2013. Emys was inserted in the IUCN red book as threatened of extinction.
  • March 2013. Started the monitoring program at the Pina di Albenga (SV) for the Emys orbicularis. The use of the Bartevelli creels, aloud the capture of the first 5 animals of 2014. The goal of the monitoring program is to estimate the population abundance and foresee the survival of the terrapin borne at the Centro Emys and released into the wild.