Costa Edutainment

The Costa edutainment Group takes care of management of public Aquaria and museums. The core-business is the management of the Genova Aquarium(

Project role:

  • Coordination
  • Veterinary supervision and analysis of the environmental impact of the project before and after the re introduction
  • Management of the ex-situ reproduction for the Emys orbicularis.


ARPAL is the regional agency for the Ligurian Environment Preservation; it takes care of the protection of the water and natural resources, soil conservation, prevention and promotion of public health.

Project role:

  • Development of a stakeholders web
  • Creation of a regional database
  • Surveying of the socio/economic impact of the project in the established areas



Montemarcello – Magra Park

Ente parco di Montemarcello-Magra (

Manage the protected area of “Montemarcello-Magra” next to the Ligurian-Toscany border, which includes an area of 4320,8 hectares

Project role:

  • Captures of the alien pond turtles
  • Habitat restoration



Pistoia zoo

Pistoia Zoological Society (

Is the society that manage the Pistoia Zoological Garden, which represent an environment education and biodiversity conservation center.

Project role:

  • Development and management of the public education and awareness

University of Genoa

Università degli Studi di Genova (

From the merge of two departments as: Department for the Habitat and Resources Studies (DIPTERIS) and the Department of Biology (DIBIO), the DISTAV Department has been created in the 2012.DISTAV is responsible to study the biotic and a-biotic components of the environment, and their connection with the habitat.

Project role:

  • Reintroduction of the pond turtle Emys orbicularis
  • Monitoring of the efficacy ot the alien pond turtle captures and habitat restoration




Claudia Gili